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Even in a world of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, lots of people like to send and receive an actual Christmas card. If you... Read More »
Despite the name, the LifeWatch USA fall detector isn't a watch but the standard pendant that you wear around your neck.... Read More »
The Medical Care Alert fall detection system works both inside and outside of your home, for up to 600 feet from the base... Read More »
The Medi-Alert fall detection sensor is great for a senior who lives alone and isn't on the go on a daily basis. This fall... Read More »
The SafeGuardian fall detector is unique in that it's a fall detection system that doubles as a very basic cell phone that... Read More »
The LifeCall fall detection sensor is more than just a pendant that you wear with you at all times – it's a complete... Read More »
The VoCare fall detection sensor comes in a compact and lightweight wearable pendant that you can wear around your neck or... Read More »
The Medial Guardian fall alert system is more than just a fall detection system – it includes a full medical alert... Read More »
The ResponseNow fall detector gives you the peace of mind that help isn't far away. This fall detection system can be your... Read More »
The Alert 1 fall detection sensor is designed to be there for you when no one else is. This wearable pendant with fall... Read More »