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As the internet improves in capacity and expands in usage, software is increasingly migrating from devices to the cloud. SaaS (Software as a Service) is becoming the new standard. Online services allow quick and efficient access to the broadest range of features. They also relieve the worry of straining the storage capacity of your devices or of losing data should those devices be lost or damaged.

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About Web Services

The web services we cover encompass those for personal use and those aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses. In the personal-finance area, for example, you can find the best online stock-trading services or the best online mortgage services. Categories for business users include reviews of the best web-hosting services. Reviews of the top point-of-sale systems and credit card processors, among other services, help meet the eCommerce needs of small- to medium-sized businesses.

Our reviewers evaluate web applications based on available features, ease of use and other factors, including customer service – which we evaluate for each company as regular consumers rather than reviewers.

As when testing categories of hardware, we compile scores on the various attributes, weighting each to create an overall score that drives our ranking of the top 10 choices.

The beauty of using an internet-based service is that updates are added without the need to pay for software year after year – though you typically do pay a monthly fee. This key plus to Web services – that they are updated regularly, often without warning – means that we must regularly update our research, and adjust our evaluations and recommendations, to stay on top of current trends.

How We Create Reviews

Our staff of reviewers and editors, each with a specialized portfolio of products and services, researches the marketplace and assesses the best choices.
We focus on the needs of buyers by developing content that is unbiased, credible and thorough. The products and categories we include and recommend offer clear and valuable consumer benefits.
We’re committed to clarity and transparency about how we work and how we present information and advice.

Meet Our Reviewers

Pamela S Stevens

Pamela S. Stevens, Sr. Small Business Domain Editor for Top Ten Reviews (TTR), has authored thousands of reviews and articles for TTR. When not reviewing product, she helps her team analyze processes, strategies, editorial integrity and new domains.

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Angie Parkinson

Angie researches the best photo cards, scrapbooking software and other topics for the Top Ten Reviews Home team. Weekends often take her into the picturesque Utah mountains or into her own yard to encourage the roses and war with weeds.

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Randall Sutherland

Randall Sutherland is Top Ten Reviews Domain Editor for Internet Security. He reviews products and services that increase internet security for individuals and businesses. He joined Purch in 2010 after a Silicon Valley career.

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Linda Thomson

Linda is a veteran writer who moved happily into web publishing and enjoys it immensely. A Wisconsin native, she lives by the creed of fellow Midwesterner Garrison Keillor: "Be an English Major. It is a noble profession."

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Noel Case

As a writer at Top Ten Reviews, I review products and services of all kinds, with an emphasis in writing and publishing. I have a passion for literature, nature, movies, theater, art, biking, tennis and basketball. Most of all, I love to write.

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Jonathan Knoder

Resident audio reviewer with expertise in recording software and sound equipment.

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John Carlsen

John primarily reviews Home Security and Home Automation products and services. He joined Top Ten Reviews in 2013 after graduating with a degree in Communication from Utah Valley University. He enjoys hiking in the National Parks with his family.

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Renee Shipley

Top Reviewer for Business products and service. 10-years experience working in private and public sectors researching business trends, developing marketing strategies and supporting upstart businesses. Loves football, chocolate and Steven Tyler.

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Dan Tennant

As TTR's resident mobile authority, Dan spends his days working hands-on with smartphones and monitoring the carrier landscape. When he's not working on his latest article, Dan can usually be found hiking, gaming or tabletop role-playing.

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Chris Snoke

I am the data backup and recovery subject matter expert. My interests include hard drive management, wearable technology, video games and cooking. I bike often and am sometimes interesting.

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Katherine McEntire

This Tennessee-native's reviews focus on travel, photography and genealogy. She enjoys puns, playing music and travel of all kinds. She's an avid reader celebrating a committed relationship with her Kindle Fire.

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Karina Fabian

A freelance writer with 20 years of experience, Karina loves the challenge of researching and sharing her knowledge with others before moving on to the next topic. She's written about everything from pregnancy and spaceflight to dragons and turns her talent to her work at Top Ten Reviews.

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Melanie Ott

Top Reviewer of personal finance software and services. Experienced researcher and technical writer with a passion for learning and knowledge. Lover of literature, punk rock, hiking and the mountains.

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Michelle Paul

Michelle is part of Top Ten Review's business team and oversees medical-based sites. Despite getting her bachelor's degree in nursing from Weber State University, she currently enjoys technical writing. She also has a background in graphic design, photography and editing.

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Eric Chiu

Eric Chiu is a staff writer with Top Ten Reviews' consumer electronics section. He covers areas such as tablets, computers and laptops. Before joining Purch, he worked for the MLive Media Group, Laptop Magazine and the International Business Times.

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Sean Peek

A jack-of-all-trades reviewer with interests ranging from bleeding-edge space tech to traditional carpentry skills. Loves traveling and plans on visiting all seven continents by the end of 2015.

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Lynda Angelastro

Lynda Angelastro writes for Purch’s Top Ten Reviews in the small and medium business arena. British born and raised, she was formerly the managing editor of a digital design magazine. Her career includes more than 20 years of writing and editing.

Jessica Stone

Jessica recently joined Purch’s Top Ten Reviews team as a content writer. Previously, Jessica was a copy editor for Brigham Young University-Idaho’s curriculum development team. She has an English degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Lori Fairbanks

Lori has more than ten years of experience writing and editing for print and online publications. Before joining Top Ten Reviews in 2014, she was an editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine, where her columns regularly ranked among readers' favorites.

Whitney Sanchez

Reviewer of Business Marketing products. Whitney loves learning and is currently a graduate student in the professional communication program at Weber State University. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and running with her dog in the mountains.

Amy Smith

Amy maintains a food blog where she shares her own recipes and reviews of local restaurants. She is also a gamer and spends way too much time and money on her hobby. She has the two of the greatest pets ever: Bunny Meowkins and Bear Barkington.